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Design Phase

Phase One


Before we construct your custom modular home, you’ll meet with one of our modular home designers where we will walk you through our dozens of modular home floor plans, discussing features you value most in your home. By the end of the design consultation, you’ll have selected the floor plan that best suits the needs of your family and your personal style.

In addition to selecting your modular home floor plan, you’ll have the opportunity to fully customize your home’s floor plan to suit your family. Your designer will be able to move walls, adjust the layout of your kitchen, or create an open floorplan between your living and dining room — our customizations process is truly that simple!

While the design phase is not officially a part of the construction process, our designers are able to send your floor plan to our project managers the minute you’ve finalized your decisions. Taking the time to meet with our designers and discuss your options simplifies the overall construction process, and guarantees you get the custom-built modular home of your dreams.

Backhoe and Sand for Construction


Modular Construction

Once we begin the home building process, your home can be completed in as little as 8-9 months! The reason modular home construction takes such little time is because of how we assemble your home. Our modular homes are built in an off-site, climate-controlled warehouse. This gives us an advantage during the construction process because:
  • It guarantees more control, resulting in a better quality home
  • Provides consistency and reliability during the modular construction
  • Let’s us supervise every aspect of home construction
After we’ve built the majority of your modular home floor plan, we transfer your modular home to your plot of land for on-site assembly. By building your home away from the building site, we are able to reduce the amount of time spent on construction, reduce waste, and optimize energy efficiency. With a custom modular home, you’ll never have to compromise on style, in an effort to save time.
Family Opening the boxes and parcels


Moving In

Once we’ve finished assembling your modular home, we will take a final walkthrough with you, to ensure everything you wanted is in place. From there, we’ll hand over the keys to your brand new modular home!

Just remember, your official move-in date is also dependent on a few other factors, like purchasing the land for your modular home and applying for a home loan. However, our team can assist you with these additional factors as necessary.

Overall, the modular home construction process is more energy-efficient and cost-effective, yet still captures all the personalizations you’re looking for.

Learn More About the Modular Home Customization Process

Modular Designing

Modulars 101: Your Guide to Customization Webinar

Whether you’re new to home buying or are trying to find your forever home, there is nothing quite like the unique experience of building a modular house. At Carolina Custom Homes, our goal is to create one of a kind dream homes for all our clients. From the moment you schedule a consultation, our designers and custom home builders are here to support you every step of the way.

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The Benefits of Modular Home Construction
with Carolina Custom Homes


With such a shortened timeline, the benefits of modular home construction speak for themselves! In addition to a shortened, more reliable timeline, our custom home builders will be there every step of the way to assist you in the modular home construction process..


Assistance with Land Purchase

When you work with Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington, we understand that there is so much more that goes into the home building process besides designing your home. That’s why in addition to designing and constructing your house, we can also help you buy the plot of land you’ll use to build your dream home.

You’ll have the option to include the purchase of land in your contract with us, so together we can find, buy, and develop the perfect piece of heaven for the entire family. If you’ve already purchased or inherited land, then this step isn’t necessary, but if you want help finding the plot of land for your forever home, we are more than happy to assist.


Additional Control Over Home Construction

At Carolina Custom Homes, we believe that our clients always come first. Throughout the modular home construction process, our designers and project managers will take the time to update you on the status of your home, and once your home is assembled, you’ll take a final walkthrough of your home for any last-minute changes that must be made.


A Better Long-Term Investment

More often than not, modular homes get compared to mobile homes or prefab homes. While modular homes do have an expedited construction timeline, that doesn’t mean you’re compromising on quality, style, or structural integrity.

In fact, modular homes are a better long term investment because they are designed to be sustainable green homes, so you can have a home with structural integrity that’s also eco-friendly. By using less waste and more environmentally friendly building materials, your sustainable home is a high-quality investment that will last for years to come.

Besides being highly sustainable, your brand new modular home is a better long term investment because of its:

Durability & Sustainability
High-Quality Construction
Ability to
Retain Value

Ready to get started with your custom modular home?

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