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Energy Efficient Homes in Asheboro

We were founded with the purpose of providing our customers a greener way to build their dream homes.

With the energy-efficient components and recycled materials we use to build homes in Asheboro and all over North Carolina, we produce up to 75% less post-construction waste and exceed the state’s standards for energy efficiency. At Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington, our energy efficiency options exceed those of our competitors, making our services the best choice for you and your family when building a home in the Asheboro area.

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Eco Tip

Green building will not only make your energy bill less painful to look at, but it can also earn you a one-time tax credit. So in addition to being environmentally friendly, we’re also helping to save you money. Make your dream home an energy-efficient home with us – you won’t regret it!

Energy-Efficient, Custom Homes in the Asheboro Area

Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington is dedicated to helping you build the house you’ve been dreaming of without the sky-high price tag. We’re confident our team will provide you with the professional, reliable service you need to design your new modular home in Asheboro efficiently. With 40+ years of home building experience, a low operating overhead, and our partnerships with North Carolina’s top manufacturers, you can trust us to provide unmatched service and a custom, eco-friendly living space you’ll feel right at home in.

Affordable Costs for Homes in Asheboro

Our prices are unbeatable for a variety of reasons. Since we build homes in a controlled factory environment, we can guarantee fixed prices and no costly overruns. We buy our materials in bulk, and without the on-site cleanup costs, we’re not only maintaining our environmentally-friendly building practices, but we’re also minimizing your expenses. Our team will be upfront with you about pricing, so you won’t be surprised at any point when you work with us to build your dream home in Asheboro.

Custom & Quality Design for Asheboro Homes

Once your house arrives at your lot in Asheboro, it will already be 85% assembled, and we’ll assemble the rest within hours. Our manufacturer ensures tight quality control, which means your house will exceed all the federal, state, and local building codes. Safety and security are a priority at Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington, so you can be sure that your energy-efficient home in Asheboro is also built to last.

Instead of living in a house that was made for anyone, choose a home that’s made specifically for you. With hundreds of custom floor plans to choose from, and countless customizable and add-on features, your energy-efficient home in Asheboro will meet every expectation.

Customizable Features:

  • Flooring
  • Garages
  • Appliances
  • Ceiling height
  • Roof pitch

Add-on Features:

  • Landscaping
  • Sunrooms
  • Porches/Garages
  • Custom Painting

Are you ready to build your custom, energy-efficient home in the Asheboro area? Contact Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington at 336-226-9066 and we’ll give you all the information you need!

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