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Custom Home Builders in Summerfield


Have you been searching for a home in Summerfield, NC without finding your perfect fit?

Maybe you have your perfect piece of land, but you need a house to put on it? Or maybe you’ve found something close to what you want, but renovations are expensive and unpredictable?

Stop searching for your dream home. Give up on finding “the one.” Quit looking for the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. It isn’t in Summerfield…yet. Try this instead: design your own custom modular home!

Custom Home Builders in Summerfield Design

Let Us Build Your Dream Home

You don’t have to fit your life into a house originally designed for someone else. At Carolina Custom Homes, we’ll build your home to fit you, your family, and your lifestyle. Whether you’re new to Summerfield or a longtime local looking to upgrade, our professional custom home builders can build your unique home right where you want to be in Summerfield, NC.

Choose from over 600 floor plansdesign your own, or even bring us a competitor’s plan, and we’ll produce your ideal custom-built modular home.

When Customizing Your Home, You Choose:

Customizable Features:

  • Flooring

  • Appliances

  • Floor plan

  • Ceiling height

  • Roof pitch

  • Countertops

Add-on Features:

  • Landscaping

  • Interior decorating

  • Custom painting

  • Porches / garages

  • Sunrooms

  • Basements

  • Upstairs finish-outs

From the floorplan to the doorknobs, it’s up to you.

Traditionally built “stick homes” are constructed from the ground up on your building site, leaving the bones of your house vulnerable to inclement weather and other exterior factors that could compromise the quality of your home. When you choose to build a modular home, all of the parts are constructed off-site in a controlled, indoor environment, and then transported to your lot and safely assembled into your new home.

Why Should You Choose a Modular Home?

High Quality

Our modular homes pass several internal and third-party inspections at every phase of production.
A licensed general contractor supervises our on-site construction process to make sure your home is built to meet and exceed all federal, state, and local building codes.


Your new home is safely constructed in a climate-controlled factory. Since your home will be 85% assembled by the time it reaches your land, we’ll have the finishing touches done within a few hours of arriving on your property.
Not only are they time-efficient, but custom-built modular homes are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Our off-site construction reduces hazardous, unnecessary waste, and eliminates cleanup costs, meaning you get to enjoy a healthier wallet and environment!


Since all of our modular projects are crafted in a secured, climate-controlled shelter, our building schedule is as dependable as our craftsmanship.
While onsite, outdoor builds are subject to inclement weather damages and delays, vandalism, and other unexpected hang ups, we guarantee to get the job done on your schedule without any unwanted surprises.


Our controlled factory construction means we get to guarantee fixed pricing, eliminate unexpected overrun fees, minimize overhead costs, and reduce the overall costs of onsite manpower. We purchase all building materials in bulk to save resources, and when we save, you save. Our building process takes approximately 60 days, which saves you interest on your construction loan and gets you into your dream home faster.

Good news, Summerfield: We deliver!

Our office is in Burlington, NC, but we’re happy to serve the Summerfield area. If you’re interested in affordable custom-built homes, we’ll build it here in our climate-controlled warehouse and finish it up on your property in Summerfield! Not sure where to start?

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