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DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

With our busy lives, there’s a lot on our minds, and it can be hard to get into the holiday spirit. If you’ve been craving some Christmas cheer in your home but can’t seem to find the time or budget to go all-out, here are some quick, easy, and low-budget Christmas decoration ideas for your home!

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Make a bow wreath

Do you always find yourself with tons of leftover bows after Christmas? Using them for next year’s gifts is always an option, but you can also use them to make a fun and easy DIY Christmas wreath. Get a floral wreath form from your local craft store, then attach those holiday bows all around it using thumb tacks or a hot glue gun. Unlike traditional fir wreaths, this one won’t make a mess and can be used again and again!


Candy cane placeholders

Are you hosting Christmas dinner this year? Give everyone a sweet treat by turning candy canes into cute card holders for name tags. Using tape and ribbon, tie three candy canes together (short side down) to make a small easel. Add a name card or use them to label food if you’re serving dinner buffet-style. Festive and delicious!

Wrap gifts early

What’s more festive than a Christmas tree with a few wrapped gifts underneath waiting to be opened on Christmas day? Get the chore of wrapping your gifts out of the way early, and those wrapped gifts can serve as decorations all month long!


Bring the outdoors in

Take a nature hike and collect pinecones, mistletoe, ivy, and fir tree branches to decorate your home. Arrange decorative centerpieces using candles or decorate your stair railing using festive ribbon and string lights. When buying your Christmas tree, ask the seller to save some of the trimmed branches and use them as a wreath or for other decorations.

Put your Christmas cards on display

Are you expecting a handful of beautiful Christmas cards from friends and family this year? Turn them into a beautiful display on your mantle or side table. Arrange them with some fir tree cuttings or let them hang from a string of Christmas tree lights.

Hang paper snowflakes

Remember making paper snowflakes when you were in school? Get some squares of white paper and a pair of scissors and get creative! It’s always fun to see what sort of design you can get with random cuts into a folded triangle. Once you’ve made your paper blizzard, hang them in front of a window or against a wall using string or fishing line. This DIY Christmas decoration is also a great family activity!


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