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10 Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your House

It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit! Welcome this year’s trick-or-treaters and spook your neighbors with these fun and easy DIY Halloween decoration ideas. Whether you’re looking for a quick DIY project, or something that lets you get really creative, this list has something for everyone (and every budget)!

DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Flying Ghosts

What You’ll Need: Balloons, cheesecloth or gauze, fishing wire, black sharpie

Decorate balloons with spooky ghost faces, then cover them in white gauze or cheesecloth and hang them from your front porch or a tree branch. For an extra spooky effect, slip some glow sticks into the balloons before you blow them up!

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Raven Feather Wreath

What You’ll Need: Wreath form, black feather boa
Wrap or attach black feathers to a wreath form for a quick and easy door decoration that’s perfect for Halloween!


Spider Web Wreath

What You’ll Need: Wreath form, fake cobwebs, plastic spiders
People will think twice before ringing your doorbell! Wrap the cobwebs around the wreath form (the messier, the better!) and finish with a scattering of spiders.


Window Silhouettes

What You’ll Need: Cardboard or construction paper, scissors
Time to get creative! Cut out spooky cats, ghosts, skeletons, and pumpkin shapes and tape them to the inside of your windows. At night, light up your house and step outside to see the silhouettes come to life!


Plywood Tombstones

What You’ll Need: Plywood, saw, paint
Cut a simple tombstone design (or several) out of plywood and paint it gray. Use black paint to add funny epitaphs (try “Rest in Pieces,” or “I told you I was sick!”), or paint one for each member of the family!

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Glowing Eyes

What You’ll Need: Paper towel rolls, scissors, glow sticks

Cut eye-holes into the sides of a few cardboard paper towel rolls, then add a glow stick and hide them in your bushes. The creepy glowing eyes are sure to spook some neighbors!

Pumpkin Flower Planters

What You’ll Need: Pumpkin, pumpkin carving tools, your favorite flowers!
Keep your front porch festive and colorful with this simple decoration that can last through Halloween and into November! Hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with a pot of your favorite fall flowers. We suggest mums or pansies, which love the chilly weather!


Jack-O-Lantern Scarecrow

What You’ll Need: Jack-O-Lantern, old clothes, straw, chair
Stuff some old clothes with straw and arrange them in a chair on your front porch. Top off with a Jack-O-Lantern head and a hat. Trick-or-treaters will especially love it if Ol’ Jack is holding a bowl of candy!

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Stage a Murder

What You’ll Need: Branches, fake crows, string

Fun fact: Did you know a group of crows is called a murder? Tie some fake crows to a large tree branch, or pick a fallen branch and prop it up on your front porch for an eerie entryway.

Wheelbarrow Skeleton

What You’ll Need: Wheelbarrow, fallen leaves, fake skeleton pieces
Need something to do with all those leaves you raked up this morning? Pile them into a wheelbarrow and add a scattering of skeleton parts for a fun “grave digger” effect. Don’t forget the shovel!

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Now that the outside of your house is ready for Halloween, it’s time to decorate indoors! Check out our Fall Decor Ideas on the blog!

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